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Co-parents should prepare for summer vacations now

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Family Law

Going on a summer vacation is probably the highlight of the time off school for the kids. This is a chance for them to make memories with their parents, even though dynamics may change if their parents get divorced.

If you co-parent with your ex, making plans for vacation is one of the crucial steps that you must take as early as possible. Getting everything in order can help to reduce the stress that might come with traveling with children when co-parenting dynamics influence the situation.

Establishing clear communication

It’s essential to discuss the vacation plans in advance. This includes telling your co-parent as much information as you can about your plans. This early discussion allows both parents to voice any concerns or preferences and to address scheduling conflicts that may arise due to existing custody arrangements or other commitments that are already set.

Before you leave on vacation, talk about what each parent expects from the vacation, including any rules or routines that are important to maintain, such as bedtimes, dietary needs or screen time limits. Agreeing on these expectations can help provide consistency for the children. You should also set plans for the children to communicate with the other parent while you’re on vacation. This may include texts, video chats, emails or phone calls.

Involving the kids in the planning process

Involving children in the vacation planning process can be a great way to ensure that the trip is enjoyable for them and gives them something to look forward to. Allow them to suggest activities or places they’d like to visit and consider their input when finalizing the itinerary. This inclusion can help reinforce that their opinions are valued and that the vacation is a shared experience.

It’s important to review your parenting plan and any other set legal stipulations regarding travel with the children, if necessary. Some agreements may have specific requirements or restrictions on out-of-state or international travel, including the need for written consent from the other parent. Ensuring that all legal requirements are met well in advance of a trip can prevent last-minute complications.