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Flexible Payment Options For Your Situation

We know that legal fees, especially for family law, can be unexpected. In order to better serve our clients, Cairns Rabiola Vance, LLC offers several options for payment of legal fees.

  1. Traditional retainer. The client pays an amount up front and the attorney’s work is billed against it. The client may need to pay more at some point to refill the retainer. If there is money remaining at the end of the case, that money is returned to the client.
  2. Fixed monthly plan. Clients put a credit card on file and the firm will charge a set, agreed upon amount until the case ends and fees are paid in full. Money remaining at the end of the case will be returned at the end of the case.
  3. Pay-As-You-Go plan. Clients may put a credit card on file so the firm can charge it monthly according to work performed. There is a discount available on hourly rates for this plan.

The plans are for qualifying situations. Learn more about our flexible payment options by contacting the firm today.