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4 ways mediation can make a divorce go more smoothly

On Behalf of | May 7, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce is often painful, expensive and time-consuming. Even those who are incredibly unhappy in their marriages may keep trying to make things work in part because they hate the idea of filing for divorce.

Thankfully, the process of ending a marriage doesn’t automatically have to be messy and contentious. Some spouses choose to cooperate with one another by attending mediation together. When successful, mediation leads to an uncontested divorce process wherein the spouses have control over the terms that are set.

How can mediation help to facilitate a smoother divorce?

It eliminates the adversarial approach

Mediation simply will not work if spouses view one another as opponents. They typically have to adopt a cooperative attitude for mediation to be a viable option. That shift in perspective can often lead to less conflict during mediation and divorce court later.

It facilitates honest discussions

People may shy away from openly discussing the state of their marriage in a litigated divorce because they do not wish to make their most private details public knowledge. The confidential divorce mediation process in Indiana allows us to effectively communicate about and address marital issues that could have a significant influence on the appropriate solution for the family and the divorce.

It reduces the anxiety for everyone involved

Knowing how a judge will divide marital property or what kind of parenting arrangements the courts will set can leave everyone in the family feeling uncertain about the future. People may worry about what their spouse may say in court or demand during negotiations.

Mediation allows people to take proactive control over the terms of their divorce and to establish clear expectations for co-parenting arrangements and property division, as well as support matters, early in the process. When people no longer feel anxious about an uncertain future, they may have an easier time controlling their other emotional reactions and focusing on rebuilding.

For those who have very specific wishes when they divorce or who want to protect their children, divorce mediation can be a viable alternative to traditional litigation. Seeking legal guidance to learn more about the ways people handle divorce in Indiana can help people choose the best options based on their needs.